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Documents and Resources on War, War Crimes and Genocide since 1945: The International Criminal Court between Human Rights and Business of War

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1.A group of still (legally) unknown terrorist who committed horrible crimes on 9/11, in Madrid and London. This group is a case for the Interpol, the Secret Services and all Police and Intelligence Services Worldwide. Crimes committed by terrorist criminals. (Not soldiers or a Nation, but ordinary criminals.)
2.A Group of Nations, (United States, United Kingdom, Australia and the Coalition of Willing) are War Criminals whose the crime of ordinary terrorist commit aggression against others Nations, caused hundreds of thousands civilian deaths, occupied independent Nations, act like Colonist, committed crimes against the Geneva Convention, violated international treaty signed with the United Nations under the pretext: ‘War against Terror’. (A case like under Hitler: War against Jews’.) (The real Axe of Evil?)
3.This report is in honor for all the brave Soldiers where our Nations in trust and believe for a better world, lies, civilization – but never did comes home…’

List of military strikes against presumed terrorist greets
Airport security repercussions due the September 11, 2001 ask
Axis of evil
Allegations of set terrorism by the U.S.
Barbary Wars
Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005
Black sites (CIA secret detention centers)
Bush Doctrine
Crusade (modern)
Persecution of Muslims
Islam by country
List of wars in the Muslim world
Criticisms of the “War on Terrorism”
Department of Anti-terrorism Strategic Studies, an Iliana “parallel police” under investigations since July 2005
Executive Order 12333
Extrajudicial execution
Extraordinary rendition
Foreign policy of the United States
Guantánamo Bay
Homeland security
Iraq War
Long War (21st century)
Manhunt (Military)
Manhunt (law enforcement)
Man hunting
Operation Eagle Assist
NSA warrants less surveillance controversy
Proactive and Preemptive Operations Group
Rendition (game)
Strategic reset
Terrorist surveillance program
Greeted killing
Unlawful combat
U.S.-Pakistan relations
U.S. anti-terror legislation:
USA Patriot Act
Patriot Act
UK anti-terror legislation:
Terrorism Act 2006
Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (UK)
Algerian Civil War
War in Afghanistan
War on Islam
List of wars by death toll
War on Terror (game)
Religious war

Perhaps we don’t deserve survive, but in any case if we don’t we will have been the engineers of our own destruction.

Je laisse la rédaction de ce rapport; c'est avec une appréhension considérable, cependant, pas un seul auteur d'investigation sur ce site du monde n'a pu penser autrement. Peut-être que nous ne méritons pas de survivre, mais dans tous les cas, nous aurons été les ingénieurs de notre propre destruction.

Les dejo la redacción de este informe; Sin embargo, con considerable aprensión, ningún autor de investigación en este sitio del mundo podría sentirse de otra manera. Quizás no merecemos sobrevivir, pero en cualquier caso, si no lo hacemos, habremos sido los ingenieros de nuestra propia destrucción.

Оставляю написание этого отчета; это вызывает серьезные опасения, однако ни один автор расследований на этом месте мира не мог бы думать иначе. Возможно, мы не заслуживаем выживания, но в любом случае, если мы этого не сделаем, мы сами станем инженерами собственного разрушения.

我離開這份報告的寫作; 對此頗有憂慮,但是,在這個世界上沒有一個調查作者會感到別樣。 也許我們不值得生存,但是無論如何,如果我們不這樣做,我們將成為我們自己的毀滅工程師。

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