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DB Global Private Venture Capital Index I – 2016: IPVC (c) 1998 – 2016

Price: S$72.76
(as of Oct 13,2020 18:01:09 UTC – Details)

* All Active Global Venture Capital Firms and Private Investors * Comprehensive, High Confidence Data * Intuitive Browse and Search Functionality * Information on Both Firms and Their Portfolio * Contacts for Thousands of Venture Professionals Firm and private Investors Listings Contain * Firm Website or Private Investor Direct Contact * Primary Office Locations * Primary Mailing Addresses * Primary Telephone Numbers * Primary E-mail Addresses * Names of Firm Management * Management Contact Info * Firm History / Overview * Specific Services Offered * Specific Investment Criteria * Target Investment Sectors * Target Investment Stages * Capital Under Management * Portfolio Companies * Date Stamp Updated High Confidence Information Private equity firm data and private Investor ages rapidly. Venture capital firms change focus, investment criteria, management, and even their names faster than organizations in any other sector of the financial industry. This is why updated versions of the Venture Capital Directory are published each month throughout the year. Thus, no matter when you purchase the 2016 Directory, you can be certain that the information and contacts contained within are the most up-to-date and high confidence available from any source. However, Venture Capital firms and investors change sometimes from day to day without notice. With the purchase of the printed version 1- 5 you are eligible for the reduced Complete Excel version 2016 for only 49, 90 . Normal price 149, 90 USD. SECRET INVESTORS Find Hard to find “SECRET INVESTORS” who don’t advertise their service, only inside! You will get access to thousands of investors and over $2,6 TRILLION in active funds! Updates: Get one year of free updates with your purchase. Updates will be available at least once every three months, ensuring that you will continue to have the latest industry information. Industries supported by our invest

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